Azure HDInsight Pricing: Fully Managed, Open-Source Analytics Service In The Cloud.

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Azure HDInsight Pricing: Fully Managed, Open-Source Analytics Service In The Cloud.

The past couple of decades have witnessed a significant change and development in the process in which raw data is utilized by organizations across the world. In the present times, with extensive globalization, companies are beginning to acquire and analyze data to create insights that can later help improve the productivity of their internal systems. With this increased importance being given to raw data, there has emerged the concept of ‘Big data’ which simply refers to large quantities of data acquired by an organization. Thus, consistently performing successful big data analytics has become very crucial in the recent past. In this blog post, we will talk about Azure HDInsight Pricing as one such tool for big data analytics.

This has in turn led to the development of various tools and services that are designed to ensure that the user companies can perform advanced analytics on big data to achieve their organizational goals. One such tool is the Azure HDInsight that is a part of the array of products designed by Microsoft to simplify and enhance the method of tackling data analysis workloads within the cloud infrastructure.

What is Azure HDInsight: Meaning and use case

Azure HDInsight

It is a fully managed cloud service that is capable of providing enterprise-level service and customization capabilities while running popular open-source frameworks. These include Apache Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Kafka, and others. The confluent cloud service can help the user effortlessly processing huge amounts of data and in deriving the benefits of the open-source system.

The use case includes its performance as a part of the cloud services which help in processing large volumes of data using a variety of languages and open source frameworks. Through the service history as well as real-time data can be processed to increase the predictive analytics pattern of the user company.

Hadoop approach

What is the Azure HDInsight Pricing structure:

The HDInsight pricing structure can be categorized into the following categories and the pricing range can be enumerated through a table format:-

Azure clusters for HDInsight –

             Component                     Pricing
Hadoop, Spark, Interactive Query, Kafka*, Storm, HBaseBase price/node-hour + $0/core-hour
HDInsight Machine Learning Services**Base price/node-hour + $0.016/core-hour
Enterprise Security PackageBase price/node-hour + $0.01/core-hour

Base price or nodes per hour –

Azure HDInsight Pricing feature can be further categorized as follows:-

Memory-optimized nodes –

InstancevCPU(s)RAMOSHDInsight PriceTotal Price*
E2 v3216GB$0.146/hour$0.038/hour$0.184/hour
E4 v3432 GB$0.292/hour$0.076/hour$0.368/hour
E8 v3864 GB$0.583/hour$0.152/hour$0.735/hour
E16 v316128 GB$1.167/hour$0.304/hour$1.471/hour
E20 v320160 GB$1.46/hour$0.378/hour$1.838/hour
E32 v332256 GB$2.334/hour$0.608/hour$2.942/hour
E64i v364432 GB$4.199/hour$1.216/hour$5.415/hour
E64 v364432 GB$4.20/hour$1.216/hour$5.416/hour
InstancevCPU(s)RAMOSHDInsight PriceTotal Price
E2a v4216 GB$0.142/hour$0.036/hour$0.178/hour
E4a v4434 GB$0.285/hour           $0.072/hour$0.357/hour
E8a v4864 GB$0.57/hour$0.143/hour           $0.713/hour
E16a v416128 GB$1.139/hour$0.285/hour$1.424/hour
E20a v420160 GB$1.424/hour$0.356/hour$1.78/hour
E32a v432256 GB$2.278/hour$0.570/hour$2.848/hour
E48a v448384 GB$3.417/hour$0.855/hour$4.272/hour
E64a v464512 GB$4.556/hour$1.139/hour$5.695/hour
E96a v496672 GB$6.834/hour$1.709/hour           $8.543/hour
InstancevCPU(s)RAMOSHDInsight PriceTotal Price
D12 v2428 GB$0.371/hour$0.003/hour$0.374/hour
D13 v2856 GB$0.741/hour$0.007/hour$0.748/hour
D14 v216112 GB$1.482/hour$0.014/hour$1.496/hour
InstancevCPU(s)RAMOSHDInsight PriceTotal Price
D2a v428 GB$0.108/hour$0.027/hour$0.135/hour
D4a v4416 GB$0.217/hour$0.055/hour$0.272/hour
D8a v4832 GB$0.434/hour$0.109/hour$0.543/hour
D16a v41664 GB$0.868/hour$0.217/hour           $1.085/hour
D32a v432128 GB$1.736/hour$0.434/hour$2.17/hour
D48a v448192 GB$2.604/hour$0.651/hour$3.255/hour
D64a v464256 GB$3.471/hour$0.868/hour$4.339/hour
D96a v496384 GB$5.207/hour           $1.302/hour$6.509/hour

Compute Optimized nodes –

InstancevCPU(s)RAMOSHDInsight PriceTotal Price
F448 GB$0.219/hour$0.076/hour$0.295/hour
F8816 GB$0.438/hour           $0.152/hour$0.59/hour
F161632 GB$0.875/hour$0.304/hour$1.179/hour

General Purpose Nodes –

InstancevCPU(S)RAMOSHDInsight PriceTotal Price
A1 v212 GB$0.043/hour$0.017/hour$0.06/hour
A2 v224 GB$0.091/hour$0.034/hour$0.125/hour
A2m v2216 GB$0.129/hour$0.034/hour$0.163/hour
A4 v248 GB$0.191/hour$0.068/hour$0.259/hour
A4m v2432 GB$0.27/hour$0.068/hour$0.338/hour
A8 v2816 GB$0.40/hour$0.136/hour$0.536/hour
A8m v2864 GB$0.568/hour$0.136/hour$0.704/hour
InstancevCPU(s)RAMOSHDInsight PriceTotal Price
A111.75 GB$0.06/hour$0.017/hour$0.077/hour
A223.5 GB$0.12/hour$0.033/hour           $0.153/hour
A5214 GB$0.25/hour$0.003/hour$0.253/hour
A347 GB$0.24/hour$0.066/hour$0.306/hour
A6428 GB$0.50/hour$0.006/hour           $0.506/hour
A4814 GB$0.48/hour$0.132/hour$0.612/hour
A7856 GB$1/hour$0.012/hour$1.012/hour
InstancevCPU(s)RAMOSHDInsight PriceTotal Price
D1 v213.5 GB$0.073/hour$0.001/hour$0.074/hour
D2 v227 GB$0.146/hour$0.001/hour            $0.147/hour
D3 v2414 GB$0.293/hour$0.002/hour$0.295/hour
D4 v2828 GB$0.585/hour$0.005/hour$0.59/hour
D5 v21656 GB$1.17/hour$0.01/hour$1.18/hour

Automated Scaling: An Azure HDInsight cluster perspective

HDInsight is equipped with an auto-scaling feature that enables the user organization to automatically monitor and consequently scale through a variety of cluster sizes. This can be done based on the admin specified maximum or a minimum number of HDInsight data nodes which is based on the provided details on workloads of the user organization.

Storage options in Azure HDInsight Pricing range related to larger HDInsight cluster:

Data Storage options in HDInsight

The storage options of the features in the Azure HDInsight pricing structure include the following:-

These options for data storage allow the user company to safely delete all the cluster types included in HDInsight used for computation, without the fear of losing the datasets.

Azure HDInsight Features: A Discussion

The following are the beneficial HDInsight features:-

  • The open source of the HDInsight default allows the projects and clusters to easily form at the cluster creation stage without the need to manage any hardware or infrastructure.
  • The service also has the ability to seamlessly integrate with several Azure Data storage solutions including the Azure Synapse Analytics,  Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Factory and others
  • The user company also has the flexibility to utilize their favoured productivity tools including Visual Studio, Eclipse and others. The codes can also be written in a variety of languages including Python ,R and others.

A data security feature in HDInsight:

Security features

The security feature available in Azure HDInsight Pricing is based on the following points:-

  • Ability to secure clusters with virtual network
  • Signing in using Azure Active Directory and multifaceted authentication procedure.
  • Enforceability of fine-grained authorization process.
  • Use of encryption.

Process of meeting business requirements through HDInsight:

The business requirements are met through the following capabilities:-

  • Enabling the process of creating a variety of clusters like the Spark Cluster, Storm Cluster, Apache Kafka clusters and others.
  • Providing end to end Service Level Agreement that guarantees the Microsoft security level to the user.
  • Scaling up and down and providing HDInsight cluster customization ability.

Azure Data Lake Storage support:

The Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 is built atop the Azure Blob Storage. This service is available as a storage option for all the Azure HDInsight Storage Cluster types irrespective of the disk size in the form of a default storage account. But, the user is permitted to only have one account in the Azure Data Lake Store.

Consultation: An EPC Group approach

The contemporary field of data analytics is crowded with several services that enhance data analysis tools and methods including Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake Analytics, and Azure Data Lake Store, and others. But, HDInsight is a unique tool designed for performing advanced data analytics for big data. While the features of the tool can be extremely beneficial for the user, the process of implementing it requires expert consultation.

The EPC Group is one of the leading Azure consulting experts for Azure HDInsight in the field with over two decades of experience in creating customized training programs. The company has a gold certificate partnership with Microsoft and employs a dedicated team of experts who provide round-the-clock assistance to the client companies in the process of implementing and utilizing any Azure services.


The Azure HDInsight Pricing details depict that the product has a range of features that are useful in enhancing the process of big data analytics for business intelligence reports. The fundamental procedure of big data analytics involves the analysis of a variety of datasets ranging from structured, semi-structured to unstructured data from multiple sources. While this successful completion of this process is beneficial for researchers and data analysts, it is crucial for organizations in contemporary times.

The actionable insights produced through big data analytics is helpful for business users as it aids the process of quick decision making. The HDInsight is also capable of integrating with the other Power BI and Azure services and products implemented by the user company to deliver a seamless performance. Thus, the companies looking for a data analytics tool capable of intelligent optimization should opt to use Azure resources.

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