Benefits Of Microsoft Azure Services For Organizations.

Posted by Errin O'Connor on Sep, 22, 2021 12:09

Benefits Of Microsoft Azure Services For Organizations.

Organizations around the globe have started to realize the importance of using cloud services for their business. Microsoft Azure is the best cloud computing service in the present world which is redefining the ways in which an organization carries out its business operations in a more scalable and secure manner. With the use of deeply integrated Microsoft Azure, organizations can rapidly build, deploy, and manage simple to complex applications with ease.

Microsoft Azure also supports a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, databases, and devices which allows the organizations to leverage tools and technologies trusted by them.

Major benefits provided by Microsoft Azure to the organizations:

IAAS and PAAS Capabilities

Microsoft Azure is made with the deadly combination of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) and Platform as a Service (PAAS). The IAAS allows the organizations to outsource their infrastructure on the cloud using Microsoft Azure and only pay for what they use. On the other hand, PAAS allows organizations to design and customize their own web applications and required without buying or maintaining the underlying groundwork.

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At present, Microsoft Azure is the only cloud computing service provider that has been ranked by the famous ‘ Gartner ‘ as an industry leader for both the Infrastructure As A Service ( IAAS) and the Performance AS A Service ( PAAS ) which is probably the rarest crown to any application.


Microsoft Azure has been designed keeping in mind the industry-leading security process Security Development Lifecycle which is commonly known as SDL. It helps to comprise the security at the core of the organization in order to keep the private data and services safe and secure on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Microsoft Azure provides the best compliance coverage for the organizations in the market with a compliance coverage of about 50 compliances and this is the reason why not on the U.S. Government but also a number of Governments have started to trust Microsoft Azure.

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Guide for Microsoft Azure Purview: A unified data governance tool by Microsoft Azure

Undoubtedly Microsoft Azure was the first cloud computing service provider which to embrace the new international standard for cloud privacy, ISO 27018 which automatically says that Microsoft can guarantee the best in terms of safety for all operations and data on the Azure Cloud.

Azure Services Benefits

Scalability and Ductility

Microsoft Azure is capable of helping organizations create an application that can run easily, unaffectedly, and can accommodate around 10 to 10 million users at once without any additional coding. Microsoft Azure is capable of providing storage that is ductile, safe, secure, and performance-efficient storage services on the cloud. It automatically becomes simpler to change the settings as desired and make the use of more processors for the application which is deemed to be brought into use.

Large Data insights

Only a very few organizations are aware of the fact that Microsoft Azure has the option for HDInsight service which also brings with it the Apache Hadoop solution on the cloud. For some, it may sound a bit complicated at first but analysts and top-level organizations are well aware that it is a very powerful and important service that allows the organization to access any data from anywhere and at any time without much difficulty.

Microsoft Azure has been designed in such a way that it can easily comply with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office 365 applications which allows the organizations to visualize their data in such a way that can help uncover several business insights easily which would help the organization succeed in the market. As the demand increases rapidly, more and more Business Intelligence (BI) options are being added by Microsoft to comply with the changing needs of the organizations.

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Hybrid Capabilities

Hybrid Capabilities of Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure’s unmatchable hybrid capabilities make it the most unique cloud computing service provider for the organizations and differentiates it from its competitors. Azure is well known for its facilitating capability with easy mobility and a consistently reliable platform between both on-premise and the public cloud. It is capable enough to provide a broad range of hybrid services like virtual private networks ( also known as VPNs), Caches, Content Delivery Networks ( also known as CDNs), and Express Route connections which automatically improve the usability and performance of the applications.

Cost Efficient Platform

Organizations usually find the cost of using Microsoft Azure to be a bit out of their budget but after using it, they are well assured that the money they had spent is worth it and not in vain. In the past few years, the Microsoft customer base has been increasing rapidly due to the goodwill and trust gained by Microsoft which has allowed Microsoft to occasionally provide huge discounts to the customers and regularly have special discounts for the business organizations.

It is expected that the cost of Microsoft Azure is to go down as the competition with AWS and Google is getting higher day by day. Microsoft Azure is ready to serve the organizations with an additional benefit of the ‘pay as you go‘ model which automatically reduces the cost of the small businesses and those organizations which sign a contract get an additional organizational discount. This type of payment model allows the organizations to pay only for what the organization is using to build or expand the resources using Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure Features


There are a number of top cloud service providers in the market like Amazon Web Services, AWS, and Google who are providing the same services just like Microsoft Azure. What makes Microsoft Azure better than the other competitors is the sheer speed at which Microsoft has been launching new components in its Azure service which automatically takes Azure to the top of the market.

Microsoft Azure came into the market much later compared to its competitors but it is clearly evident that Azure has won over the trust of all the top organizations in the world with its work power, efficiency, and making the task of the organizations much easier.

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