How To Edit A Single Cell In Power BI?

Posted by Sas Chatterjee on May, 23, 2021 08:05

How To Edit A Single Cell In Power BI?

Power BI is one of the finest business services offered by Microsoft, at present. We already know that it is used as a user-friendly interface where users can develop their own dashboards and reports as per their needs and necessities. Besides that, Microsoft supplies a wide range of warehouse facilities for data discovery, data recovery, and data preparation. The Microsoft Power BI eco-system comprises the following:

  • Power BI Desktop – It is used for applications in PCs mainly for the purpose of publishing reports.
  • Power BI service: This is the updated online version of Power BI for office 365. It is considered as SAAS BI too.
  • Power BI Mobile Apps: This feature can be installed on any type of Android, iOs, tablets, and Windows phones.

What is the complete procedure followed to edit a single cell in Power BI?

Out of all the features, Power Query is the most prominent component of Power BI offered by Microsoft. The Power Query is notably popular for its self-service capabilities. The data is often modeled and organized, and therefore Power BI helps in modeling the data as well as editing it. It also gives the users the facility to transform the data from one form to another depending upon the varying needs as and when they occur. Therefore, users can play freely with the data in Power BI.

How Is Power BI Compared With Excel And What Are The Steps To Edit A Single Cell In Detail?

Power BI is sometimes compared with Excel, as both platforms enable users to edit and estimate volumes of the data. However, users usually report that excel is a more flexible option while editing every single cell of the data sets, than other platforms.

For instance, while working in excel, if a particular value in any cell is incorrect, one can correct it by clicking on the value itself, or in case of missing values, one can add a cell by right-clicking on the cell and selecting add cell from the drop-down menu. The same thing can be correctly performed using Power BI. Excel can be integrated with Power BI.

Considering this case, when the sixth row in the fourth column is marked with an asterisk, we wish to edit that particular cell; the players’ names should be displayed without an asterisk in the given same cell. 

Power BI Single Cell Edit

Steps To Edit A Single Cell In Detail With Screenshots

To do this,

  1. Go to the Power Query Editor.
  2. Select the concerned data set from the folder/file where data has been saved in one’s system. This can be done by clicking on the left-hand side in the panel on the Power BI studio.
  3. Go to the respective cell (the one which is to be edited) and right-click on the cell.
  4. A drop-down menu will show up, and select replace values from the option. Selecting the Replace Value will open up a panel beneath.
  5. Write down the correct value instead of the current value and click on the OK to confirm the edit.
  6. Following these steps will easily edit the cell and replace the new one.
Replace Value in Power BI Cell

In this way, any particular row or column can be edited using Power BI.

Bottom Line

There are varying options within Power BI that help to edit individual cells in a different way. There are other different features within Power BI to handle data smoothly and easily. In addition to that, there are millions of cool features supplied by Power BI such as Web scraping, Power Query Basics, Ribbon Chart, Detect data types. All these features are easy to perform, handle, and operate.

The biggest advantage of  Power BI is that it allows flexibility across different types of datasets to a great extent. Thus, it has emerged as a popular business analytical service today. A Power BI consulting company and Power BI Training can help you get the most out of it.

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