Why Business Phone Systems Matter?

A business phone system comprises an intricated web of multiple telephones used by different people inside the organization in an interconnected manner with basic features like call queuing, call holding, call transfer, conference calls, etc. A business phone system can be a setup of few telephones within the company to a complex private branch exchange (PBX) unit typically seen in big organizations.

Business phone systems can work either through Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It can also be a part of hosted telephony that relieves the company from investing in any hardware or costly pieces of equipment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many global enterprises to change their phone systems to innovate the traditional communication methods. If you are still using the legacy phone systems, believe us, you can do much better. In fact, you have far better options in the market like Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams successfully navigated the complex waters of virtual phone systems to provide a unified communications platform. Migrating to Microsoft Teams offers significant advantages for elevating business communications. An easy-to-use interface, a single integrated platform already adopted by users, cost efficiency, scalability, and more.

Microsoft Teams as Business Phone Systems

Work from anywhere has become the new normal. And, the new working environment has brought about a significant change in the way organizations used to communicate and collaborate both internally and externally.

Here are the three options to migrate your business phone systems to Microsoft Teams,

Option 1: Option 1: Go for a Microsoft Voice license for your Office 365 environment. It gives you access to the telephony solution that is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers you a capacity of 300 users and access to Advanced phone system capabilities.

Option 2: Install a basic HTML plugin extension in your existing phone system. Search your business phone system name or search for a collaboration tool in the App Store of Microsoft Teams. Be aware this option works; only if you have an online versi0n of Microsoft Teams. As the process is complicated and confusing – it has minimum adoption.

Option 3: Migrate to Cloud-hosted systems. It allows PBX to work as the brain of the smart business phone systems to elevate and manage the performance of business telephony. It will push all the calls directly into Microsoft Teams without requiring any external plugin. It permits users to add their phone system functionality in MS Teams and access all the apps and super functionality of a cloud-hosted unified communications system.

Phone Systems to Work in the New Normal

Microsoft was motivated to create a business phone system environment within Teams. They started by creating a network of phone extensions connected by a single phone line. It eradicated the extra costs businesses would incur to install separate phone lines for each employee.

Using Microsoft Teams as a cloud-hosted system, you need only one phone line with the liberty to set up as many extension lines as you want. It allows users to call within or outside the organization. Besides, users also can access legacy phone system functionality like voicemail, hold music, customized menus, and conference calls.

Microsoft Teams serves as a Unified Communication as a Service. It allows users to choose the traditional landline, which we call PSTN calling, or VoIP business phone system. As VoIP uses an existing internet connection, many businesses prefer VoIP due to flexibility, scalability, and advanced calling features.

The audio and video quality offered by Microsoft Teams is at par, whether you are using it on mobile or desktops. Security compliance keeps your data safe, offering an option to the users for scaling the features as per their needs. Besides, you can integrate Microsoft Teams with your email and CRM client to enhance employee productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft Teams Helps to Maintain a Human Connection

Here is how Microsoft Teams helps you maintain a human connection when all the employees are working remotely,

Real-time Communication: By enabling a business phone system in Microsoft Teams, your employees can communicate with colleagues internally and with their customers externally using a direct link. Every communication is just a button away and happens in real-time.

Optimize Customer Service: Similar to you, many of your customers are restricted to their homes. Therefore, providing bespoke customer service must be your priority. With Microsoft Teams, you can track your business phone line usage so that you can eliminate customer pain points seamlessly and improve customer experience.

Enhance Employee Communication: Business phone systems in MS Teams serve as a central hub of communication and collaboration. Employees can use it for audio calls, making video calls, and conference calls. Additionally, for instant messaging, team messaging, and more.

Reduce Phone Bills: If you have a geographically dispersed business, you can use precise Microsoft Voice Licenses to get unlimited calling and make frequent international calling. These plans will reduce your phone bills substantially.

Unified Communications: As you can do so many things within Microsoft Teams besides calling, it serves as a unified communication tool for your business. Nevertheless, get the liberty to add several phone lines until you meet your growing business demands.

Access Advanced Features: Business phone systems in Microsoft Teams give access to many advanced features which traditional telephony fails to offer. Features like screen sharing, document sharing, data security, virtual receptionist, visual voicemail, etc.

EPC Group Helps to Deploy Business Phone Systems

Microsoft Teams offers cloud telephony that delivers hosted voice, unified communications, and collaboration to businesses of all sizes. EPC Group has a team of highly qualified, experienced, and certified Microsoft Teams professionals that evaluates your options and charts a course for your collaboration and communications future.

For the last 24 years, EOC Group provides communication freedom for innovative companies interested to improve the communication, collaboration, and productivity of their employees.

With prior experience, EPC Group helps you drive MS Teams adoption and implement a modern workplace. By deploying a business phone system in Microsoft Teams, you receive a unified experience for chat, information sharing, meetings, and calls that bring the entire enterprise together.

Their focus is to make employees and partners share information and contacts easily, create virtual workspaces, and ultimately work more efficiently and effectively.

They will assist in eradicating previous voice infrastructure and audio-conferencing costs, which will result in significant savings by ensuring faster and easier migration to Microsoft Teams.

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