NetDocuments vs SharePoint: 7 Key differences you need to know!

Posted by Sas Chatterjee on Sep, 02, 2022 11:09

NetDocuments vs SharePoint: 7 Key differences you need to know!

Are you facing difficulty to get an appropriate data management service or selecting among cloud apps? EPC will support your research on the critical evaluation of NetDocuments vs SharePoint. Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based storage solution that configures you with a storage place, sharing space, access authority, and organization of all the activities.

All you need is a simple Internet explorer, Microsoft edge, Chrome, or Firefox and other cloud apps. All organizations these days look up to Microsoft for their website development. It is interesting to note that the latest version of MS SharePoint is dynamic for all business sizes and types.

SharePoint In Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based server. Subscription to the same reduces the series of actions requiring installation and deployment. SharePoint makes your process to share documents easier than NetDocuments and its complex procedure to share Information.

SharePoint Server with office 365 Integrates PowerApps better than NetDocuments and its additional downloaded features. Keeping a close eye on SharePoint Designer 2013 and R&D on NetDocuments vs SharePoint, and its capability to build powerful cloud apps, and web-based workflow-enabled solutions, we have found it to be perfect for your business growth as well.

OneDrive Sync makes it more appealing to the masses, because of a secure and authorized sync of documents and their offline access as well. Hence, we are comparing the same with NetDocuments to share the differentiation and make your selection better for an accelerated web-based service.

So even when you look for Google Drive as your network location and supporting cloud apps, for the document management server, your financial services and management will be more importantly dealt with Microsoft SharePoint.

A reality check about the Comparison between NetDocuments and SharePoint

NetDocuments on one side is not a suitable building tool for a corporate intranet and cloud apps, because of its limited capability in a larger organization. On the contrary, SharePoint has evolved to be a great tool and a product set. The winning matter-centric document management systems and highly secure Cloud apps provider were all the functionality required by the IT Industry.

Being unbiased about our views, NetDocuments turns out to be a bit expensive and complex to handle. Microsoft SharePoint has more functionality and features to safeguard your favorite documents. Are you Looking for a refined set of File Sharing Quick Fix? If yes, then Microsoft SharePoint is full of vendor reliability and computational features in it.   

NetDocuments as a Software-as-a-service tool provides a space to store, share and access your favorite documents, But, whereas SharePoint differently handles your software training, and customization of hardware and software needs, and maintains the website development with other supportive services.

Getting Extreme File performance with Storage management at SharePoint

Supporting companies of all sizes, SharePoint is a 24/7 live cloud apps server and document management and support service. It supports platforms like Windows, SaaS, iOS, Android, and Chrome. The major categories lie within the wide range of features supporting document management systems and servers.

  • Collaboration with cloud apps
  • Corporate Wiki
  • File Sharing with cloud apps
  • Intranet
  • Knowledge management
  • Change management
  • Document Security management
  • Access Controls at cloud apps
  • Content Collaboration Content Collaboration
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to access the shared documents

Hence, when a product is always focused on the requirements of clients, only then does it wins the product differentiation over the other competitive tool. Microsoft SharePoint is enriched with ease for document management and generation, editing, and access.

Your need for a simplistic tool complying with law firms on the parameters of a brilliant cloud provider system is the key takeaway. Having customizable anywhere around the-world access to your documents makes it a quick fix for document generation and management.

Due to minimal training requirements for learning access permissions/controls, these tool makes your work easier. It is a robust tool that supports active tracking, alerts/notifications, and approval process control. Some additional rich features like calendar management make your efficiency in time management more digital and smarter.

SharePoint vs NetDocuments

The most popular SharePoint Comparisons with NetDocuments

Microsoft SharePoint is a compilation of some powerful collaborative tools to manage your notes/comments. Now, when you have a support system in favor of your communication and compliance management which is data-driven, only then your Data Synchronization becomes robust at the aloud apps.

Easy and simplistic learning of Data extraction through Customization forms and Customizable Document Templates, makes content management a clear vision. If we look into NetDocuments vs SharePoint, then SharePoint offers better contact management, content library, and content publishing options that are specifically designed to fulfill your needs.

We agree that NetDocuments offers a wide range of services like Customizable branding and content management as other cloud apps, but Data Visualization and Discussion forums by SharePoint keep your business process easier.

Talking about Data management, SharePoint offers Document check templates and Drag & Drop services to ease your work of email management. Your file management is subjected to easy training on file sharing and transfer.

When we discuss additional features of SharePoint over NetDocuments, Forms management and Historical reporting working on AI turn out to be the USP. Both the tools as discussed above keep the full-text search as a priority, but knowledge base management and private network sync make SharePoint more appealing to the audience.

Supporting project management and offering easy projects using AI and ML algorithms, is their newest real-time projection feature that supports your real-time editing. SharePoint enables your search/filter to a faster self-service portal for better and more secure data storage.

With the third-party integration with Microsoft Teams and Office 365 as supporting cloud-based servers, your task and workflow management turn seamless. The best part about both the tools is third-party integration, but SharePoint offers video support as the best feature in town for your cloud apps.

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Seamless Integration of NetDocuments vs SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint attribute rating is higher because implementation and training require less time. This brilliant tool is useful specifically when you are inclined to collaborate with diverse Teams. This functionality to support multiple teams makes you aware of the exact happening with your resources.

So long as the integration of NetDocuments vs SharePoint is concerned it can make way for a better wealth of information at cloud apps. But as a user your requirement for a customized data organizer, can be met only by Microsoft SharePoint administration.

It is possible to remove or add any user, with a set range of access controls. Access to a specific page or data, makes your work easier, instead of scrolling the entire website. NetDocuments offers ease of update because it is web-based, but on the contrary, SharePoint makes your document check structure and management easier with simple document management and storage in Microsoft Office 365. This storage box is accessible from anywhere and anytime in the World.

Tracking of last edits, and authors turn out to be an integral part of your business. While researching overtime management, NetDocuments offers delay in saving the documents and it is also found that searching for appropriate workspace makes the delay more dominant.

SharePoint has a better server speed without receiving any error messages or making document management a complete nuisance for cloud apps. Depending upon strong project and team management technology, quick response and modern design make SharePoint trending.

Which Software is inclusive of better features for you: NetDocuments vs SharePoint?

From the Point of view, of a document management authority, who requires intensive business software solutions, Microsoft SharePoint is more client-driven. As per your network location and need for Azure AD, SharePoint as compared to NetDocuments is “feature’-rich”.

If we make in-depth scrutiny about functionality and features, SharePoint supports workflows, reports, processes, and customized demands that your Teams offer to us. EPC Group helps you to evaluate this statement, by the given table of product differentiation through NetDocuments vs SharePoint.

  • NetDocuments:
    • Access and Retrieval from anywhere,
    • Archiving and Retention,
    • Collaborative management,
    • Compliant with HIPAA,
    • Automated Version Control.
  • SharePoint:
    • Graphic Benchmark,
    • Ad-Hoc analysis,
    • Automatic Schedule Reporting,
    • Customizable Dashboard,
    • Dashboarding,
    • Customizable Features,
    • Forecasting and Budgeting,
    • Time management,
    • Powerful Document management,
    • Ad-Hoc Reporting.

Now making your research easier, and your requirement as small and medium enterprise owners, these basic, within-the-budget features will allow you to rule your market with robust document management in the cloud.

Find your right App with the help of EPC Group

Questions about Microsoft SharePoint? We can help! Microsoft focuses to enhance your productivity and revenue models. Hence, making SharePoint an integral part of your business, Microsoft 365 is a zero-cost supportive tool for that.

The file storage makes a strong foundation for custom applications, thus Microsoft enhances the interconnectivity and functionality of its connections (Microsoft tools) easier. We as a consultancy believe that there are no usability issues reported for SharePoint, in terms of time usage which is higher in NetDocuments.

Time is money in the recent trends. Hence, Access to SharePoint resources offers complete integration of seamless and time-effective corporate cloud-based service.

Now, summarizing the product differentiation with SharePoint in NetDocuments vs SharePoint as its base, the corporate active directory which SharePoint offers, administers the use of data with definite two-factor authentication and helps you to create, track and manage support requests with integrations.

These integrations cover up all the Microsoft service-hub technologies that can support your requests along with a self-learning path in terms of NetDocuments vs SharePoint.

The majority of support for Microsoft SharePoint is inclined to the following offerings.

  1. Access to a network of a wide range of resources.
  2. Quick escalation of issues
  3. Updated with ongoing technical developments.
  4. Strong commitment to productivity enhancement
  5. Quick counter to time issues
  6. Wide range of support services
  7. Powerful access controls
  8. Complete center for data administration
  9. Offering great videos and online tutorials to learn the usage
  10. Making planning efficient to the last detail operational
  11. Simpler after-sales support
  12. Faster query resolution
  13. Effective and efficient collaboration
  14. Time and energy-saving communication collaboration
  15. Increased Document management and security
  16. Additional software functionalities
  17. Negative impact compared to other software
  18. Better ROI

So, now the choice is yours, EPC Group is here to share some light on NetDocuments vs SharePoint to make your implementation easier and simplistic.

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