Challenges Facing Samsung

Samsung was facing data sprawl throughout their organization. Having the ability to view key data elements and indicators from multiple data sources and even multiple devices was key to Samsung’s vision for this project. Being able to take this a step further by providing the ability to monitor and visualize real time sensor data was a game changer and was something that EPC Group was able to provide for this effort.

By extracting IoT data and transforming it into real-time with the ability to slice and dice it with charts and graphs as well as related real time reports.

EPC Group’s Solution:

EPC Group engaged closely with Samsung to develop powerful Dashboards and reports that pulled from real time sensor data in a secure manner to provide actionable intelligence to the organizations key stakeholders. Identifying the granular business requirements as well as matching those with required technical architecture was key to the project’s success. EPC Group was able to develop a Power BI, IOT solution to meet the unique needs of the business.

EPC Group also utilized Power BI Embedded to integrate the reports with key line-of-business systems integral to Samsung’s success. We were able to visualize sensor data from their IoT products using Azure and Power BI to transform it and deliver event visualization analytics as well as identify historical analytics to trend and compare data. Integration of drop-down queries, flexible parameter selections, combination of multiple visualizations in reports was also key to this project’s success.

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