Why PowerBI
With Azure

Power BI is an amalgamated automated and enterprise analytic tool. It allows users to visualize data, share insights across the organization, and embed it into the daily used apps or websites. Together, Power BI and Azure provide data insights at a greater magnitude empowering the organization to create a data-driven culture that is much necessary to excel in the speedily evolving competitive environment.

  • With the help from native AI and ML, connect and easily model data with a simple data exploration experience.
  • The interactive, paginated reports help in sharing and collaborating inside and outside the organization.
  • Utmost data protection even if you export the data to other file types.
  • Enable faster decision-making with the use of Azure data models, enterprise data stores, and databases.

Create an amazing data exploration experience by connecting data from all the data store points. Take advantage of prebuilt Azure services like Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Analysis Service, and others to view your data.
Power BI with Azure offers numerous scenarios, possibilities, and opportunities as unique as your business. For more information on Power BI with Azure Consulting services, get in touch with us.

Power BI Azure Training

EPC Group has carefully designed the Power BI Azure Training course to help aspiring Power BI Developers and Azure professionals in every possible way. EPC Group has a team of highly qualified and Microsoft Certified Professionals. Therefore, we ensure that only Power BI and Azure Certified professionals preside the raining course.

We design our training sessions as per the requirement of every organization. We welcome business analysts and data scientists interested to learn Microsoft Power BI to attend our training. Our training highlights the capability of Power BI and Azure, covering volumes about how to get the most out of your data. It will also cover the basics of fetching data from Azure DevOps using Power BI Desktop Tool and creating Sample Timeline View Reports using Gantt Chart.

What you will learn:

  • Basic to advanced Azure Data Factory, Storage, Data Lake, and Azure Analysis Services concepts with Real-time Project on End to End Implementation.
  • Visualization, Report Design, Data Modeling, Formatting, Power Query, and DAX for Static/Dynamic Data Modeling in Power BI.
  • Power BI Dashboards, Report Server, and Apps.
  • Overview of Azure Migrations, Azure Data Warehouse (ADW), and Azure Data Bricks for Big Data Analytics.

Advantages of PowerBI with Azure

What's best for your organization?

Create Astounding Data Exploration Experience

Connect your data from all distributed sources so that you can easily prepare and model your data. Bring data to life by creating personalized and interactive reports.

Integrate Power BI Visualization into Azure Apps

Empower Azure apps with Power BI visualizations and reporting tools granting everyone the liberty to access the insights.

Use Power BI to Analyze Prodigious Data in Azure

The size of the data is irrelevant. Think big to analyze the immense amount of data stored in Azure estate using Power BI.

Leverage Advanced AI Everywhere

Take advantage of advanced Machine Learning and AI capabilities in Power BI and connect at a larger scale with Azure.

Microsoft Power BI with Azure Consulting:

Empowering organizations in delivering a single data truth full of actionable insights using predictive analytics consulting.

EPC Group is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner backed by specialized and highly skilled Power BI and Azure professionals. Since last years, we have been helping global organizations to design, develop, and deploy end-to-end Microsoft analytic solutions.

Reach us if you need help in Power BI development, Azure cloud migration, or review the existing Azure platform. Our consultants guarantee to deliver the most out of Microsoft solutions.

  • We specialize in offering a Power BI dashboard and report development.
  • We will help you migrate your existing legacy BI infrastructure to Power BI in the most efficient way.
  • We will create a customized for each of your needs depending on your requirements and expectations.
  • We will assist you in building scalable data architectures on Azure, encouraging the use of high-quality, relevant, and accessible data.
  • Our Power BI and Azure consultants will help you acquire needed data, develop customized machine learning models, render and convey the results, and deploy them into production.

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