SharePoint Intranet: Microsoft Collaboration Solution

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SharePoint Intranet: Microsoft Collaboration Solution

Communication is essential for the growth of any business or organization. With that, you need an effective tool to enhance communication within your company. If you have high standards for your communication needs, SharePoint Intranet can be the best for you. Are you not aware of this tool? Then, this article will guide you. 

What is SharePoint Intranet? 

SharePoint Intranet is a reliable collaboration solution with rich content, communication, employee, and project management features to help mid-size to large businesses. It is beneficial for connecting workers from various departments and enhances corporate culture. You don’t need to doubt since SharePoint Intranet can offer the best results for your business. In fact, it already won awards such as Nielsen Norman Group’s 10 Best Intranets. 

Features of SharePoint Intranet 

SharePoint Intranet can offer innovative features for your organization. 

Employee management 

Employee self-service 

Tracking and submitting employee requests for health insurance, vacation, equipment maintenance, office supplies, and more. 

Employee development and performance management

With SharePoint Intranet, you can have better employee performance and development management: 

  • Management and creation of employee profiles and organization chart show the worker’s department, position, qualifications, working schedule, and contacts.
  • Enrolling and scheduling workers to job-specific training, compliance, and onboarding.
  • Employee certification and assessment.
  • Managing and authoring learning materials.
  • Monitoring the performance of employees.

Digital workplace management 

  • Project management: It involves a discussion board for the project team. You also have complete visibility of employees’ tasks and projects like project timeline, team, and files.
  • Collaboration: It can provide your organization with communications sites and team sites for group and company-wide collaboration on documents, tasks, sharing news, files, and more. 
  • Quick links: You can have quick access to the recently viewed knowledge base, documents, or valuable tools like Office 365 productivity apps. 
  • Alerts and notifications: SharePoint Intranet can give you automated notifying workers about a completed training, approved contract, project milestone deadline, and more. 
SharePoint workplace management

SharePoint HR Internal Portal Demo 

You can access an HR-focused internal portal that can streamline the work of your HR team. As per SharePoint Consulting experts, it can enhance their productivity. In addition, it is also helpful to improve employee engagement and loyalty. 

Social and communication features 

  • Employee recognition: It features gamification elements like levels, badges, or leaderboards in working activities or employee training. It also offers non-monetary recognition through work anniversary and birthday dashboards on the homepage of the intranet. 
  • Communication tools: It can offer your company video conferencing tools and social media integration. It also includes informal and formal communication tools such as discussion boards, instant messaging, forums, and blogs. 
  • Corporate life: It can enhance corporate life in your organization. It offers contests, communities, surveys, media galleries with videos and photos from corporate events to advocate corporate values and improve the corporate spirit. 

Content and knowledge management 

SharePoint is widely used as knowledge management tools.

  • Policy management : It involves assessing employees’ knowledge about policy, automated policy renewal, policy acknowledgment, and policy creation and approval workflow. 
  • Multi-type content: Management and storage of diverse content like images, documents, video, and audio files in different formats.
  • Knowledge base: It can offer a centralized repository for document templates, news, policies, employee benefits, FAQ, wikis, learning materials, blogs, and other content types. 
  • AI-powered personalization: Personalized content, a news feed, and training suggestions for better accessibility of helpful content. 
  • Advanced search: It offers metadata and full-text search of employee data, news, files, events, and others across the intranet and integrates systems and search results ranking. 
  • Document management: With it, your team can have real-time collaboration on documents. There is also automation of the document’s life cycle from its creation to archiving. 

Security and Compliance 

You don’t need to worry about using the SharePoint intranet security since it can provide you with reliable security and compliance features. 

  • Data encryption: The data in transit has protection with TLS/ SSL connection. SharePoint intranet also has two-level BitLocker encryption of data at rest. The data is encrypted on the disk and has a unique key for every file. 
  • Versioning: You can track changes in your documents by keeping document versions to avoid unwanted changes in documents or accidental deletion. 
  • Access control: Your organization can access a permission-based intranet to protect sensitive content from unauthorized modifying, viewing, and deletion. 
  • Audit trail: With this feature, you can track different types of user activity with intranet content: the time access, the user who opened, downloaded, modified, emailed, or printed it out. 
  • Automatic log-off: Offers automatic termination of an electronic session after a predetermined inactivity time like 15 minutes. 
  • Regulatory compliance: Compliance with most industry and government-specific regulations. 
  • Two-factor authentication: It has an additional protection layer aside from a password like entering a text message or a code from an email. 
SharePoint Security

Benefits of SharePoint Intranet 

  • Excellent functionality: SharePoint can offer you built-in features for enterprise-wide and team collaboration, workflow, and document management, task and issue management, content management, learning management, and more. 
  • Great customization features: It also provides excellent customization features like making a unique intranet with corporate branding, add-ins covering specific activities, and custom web parts. 
  • Enterprise system integrations: You can integrate SharePoint with ERP, CRM, BI, DMS, ITSM, and other systems.
  • SharePoint services: It can give you different SharePoint services such as migration, customization, and 24/7 support. 

Integrations with SharePoint Intranet:

You can integrate the SharePoint intranet with different software to improve data consistency in the company, communication, streamline work activities, and internal collaboration of workers. These integrations include:

SharePoint intranet + CRM: With this integration, you can make and edit customer-related documents (invoices, purchase orders, contracts) in CRM. SharePoint intranet can also give your huge and cost-efficient storage for CRM documentation. CRM integration allows you to share bulky files. 

SharePoint intranet + BI: It helps establish visualized reports in different business data in BI software and share them throughout the company in few clicks. It also involves data collection on the intranet’s popularity and uses to offer insights on improving it. You can contact EPCGroup for Power BI Consulting where we can help you with SharePoint integration with Microsoft Power BI.

SharePoint intranet + HRMS: Automated creating profiles of new employees and assigning onboarding training to them on intranet based on HRMS data. 

Why choose SharePoint intranet?

The following is a list of why you should choose SharePoint Intranet. 

Scalable, flexible, and customizable 

SharePoint comes with great scalability and flexibility. It is ideal to use for companies with 100 or 100,000 employees. It can also support a wide range of capabilities like content services, internal communication, search, and collaboration. SharePoint is also highly customizable, so you can make an intranet that suits your work. 

Integration with Office 365 and other tools 

Another reason why you should prefer the SharePoint intranet for your business is its integration with Office 365 and other tools. You can integrate it with lists of Teams spaces, Yammer feeds, and OneDrive documents easily without the need of developers. These integrations are beneficial for advanced workflow, automation, connection to other company applications, and more.

Integration in SharePoint

SharePoint is considered the most popular technology base for intranets. With this, you can ensure that you can receive better results by choosing the platform. SharePoint Intranet is reliable, so you don’t need to worry about your business’s security. 

Comprehensive SharePoint intranet options 

It is a good decision to use the SharePoint intranet because of its comprehensive options. Also, It can offer additional page layouts, site templates, more robust governance, ready-built web parts, and additional capabilities. 

It supports different content publishing needs 

SharePoint intranets can support different content publishing and management to meet your internal communications needs. SharePoint also comes with excellent content publishing features such as news templates, approval workflow, editorial calendars, and automated content reviews. 

Document sharing and management 

With the SharePoint intranet, you can enhance your document sharing and management. The platform provides strong document library functions for knowledge management, document sharing, collaboration, and more. 

SharePoint Intranet Pricing Plans 

You can choose from the following SharePoint intranet pricing plans.

Office 365 E3

With this plan, you can access different Office applications. It also comes with Plan 2 features and email hosting with an unlimited mailbox. It offers business process automation with built-in Power Automate and PowerApps. You can avail this plan for about $20 user per month. 

Plan 1

With this plan, you can access team sites and communication sites. It also comes with content, and people search and secure file sharing. It comes with 1TB of each user storage, versioning, document co-authoring, and SharePoint/ OneDrive mobile apps. You can avail of this plan for $5 per user monthly. 

Plan 2 

Plan 2 also comes with the features of Plan 1. It has unlimited personal cloud storage, advanced data loss prevention, and enterprise search. The plan also features content discovery for audit/ litigation and content protection from modification/ deletion. You can avail of it for $10 user per month. 

Here is the guide for understanding detailed analysis of SharePoint Cost.


SharePoint intranet is an efficient and powerful tool to enhance your business organization. With its innovative features, it can be a good investment for the success and growth of your organization. 

This technology can help enhance team collaboration which can also improve your team’s productivity. SharePoint intranet is ideal for different sizes of business. Get to know all the aspects of SharePoint and successfully grow your business.

FAQs About SharePoint Intranet

What are the benefits of Microsoft Power Apps?

As per Microsoft PowerApps consulting experts, now it also give us the ability to rapidly build custom apps that can integrate easily with your intranet – great for automation, advanced workflow, connecting to other company applications.

What are the benefits of employee performance and development management?

Employee performance and development management Authoring and managing learning materials.

What are the benefits of using Content Management Software?

AI-powered personalization Personalized newsfeed, content and training suggestions for higher accessibility of useful content.

What are the benefits of using Document Management Software?

Document management Automation of a document’s lifecycle from its creation to archiving.

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