What is a Wrap in Power Apps, and why should your business use one?

Posted by Errin O'Connor on Jun, 20, 2022 12:06

What is a Wrap in Power Apps, and why should your business use one?

The wrap is a powerful no-code mobile application development technology that allows canvas apps to be packaged as custom-branded mobile applications and natively distributed to users across the organization. With a Wrap in Power Apps, developers can seamlessly brand canvas apps to match their organizational requirements and package them into stand-alone applications that are easily installable on iOS and Android devices.

This process makes it possible for organizations to develop and deploy mobile apps without going through the hassle and expense of developing native apps.

The wrap is an excellent solution for organizations that want to develop and deploy mobile apps quickly and easily. When building a wrap project, there are many ways to customize the application bootstrap experience. 

Wrap Announces Module to Bring Mobile App Development Platform

Wrap in Power Apps, the mobile app development platform for Power Apps is now available on the Power Apps Marketplace. With a wrap, you can create no-code mobile apps with no earlier experience. You can also manage your app builds and use your logo and color palette. The wrap has been designed to make it easy for you to create a complete mobile app on one platform. 

Low-code mobile app creation

Create a new mobile app project in Wrap in Power Apps Studio, referencing one or more Canvas apps. Start a build after adding mobile app information, icons, and branding materials to your project. When the body is complete, go to App Center on your mobile device to install your app.

Seamless end-to-end branding

Mobile apps are an essential part of a company’s overall branding strategy. When you build a mobile app with Power Apps, you can differentiate your app by customizing the look and feel from the home screen icon to in-app UX. Wrap-in Power Apps mobile platform, which handles sign-in, serves as the foundation for the user experience.

Embedding multiple Canvas apps

Canvas and Power Apps are an effortless way to embed multiple app experiences into your organization’s Finance and Operations apps. Suppose you, your organization, or the broader ecosystem develop Canvas apps that you want to embed into Finance and Operations apps to augment the product’s functionality. In that case, you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft Power Apps is here to help.

Wrap in Power Apps

Source – Microsoft

Distribute your app natively.

With the Wrap in Power Apps Native SDK, you can create and distribute native mobile apps for Android and iOS to your preferred channel. This process makes it easy for mobile end-users to discover and use your app, removing the need to install the Microsoft Power Apps “Player” app for Android or iOS or share Canvas app links by email.

Enterprise governance with Intune

Its goal is to allow business organizations to focus on quickly addressing business challenges while adhering to IT and business compliance norms. Many clients are curious about how Power Platform might be made available to their larger firm and supported by IT. Governance is the answer.

Benefits of MADP Platform for Organizations and Single Developers

The following are some of the advantages that Wrap in Power Apps may support your company:

Business Challenges You Can Solve with Custom Wrap-in Power Apps   

If you need to meet a unique need, have an idea for an innovative solution that could give you a competitive edge, or have a clear business challenge, PowerApps can help. From automating communications, tracking employee expenses, running data analytics, and incorporating AI (Artificial Intelligence) functionality to your processes and customizing them for your business’s specific needs.

PowerApps Can Help Your Business, Quickly & Easily

One of the most significant benefits of Power Apps is the speed with which your firm can construct a professional app. It is much faster to build and deploy an app through Wrap in Power Apps than through traditional development methods, especially if there is a large backlog of projects within your IT team. 

Anyone can build an app with PowerApps.

It’s designed for non-techie business owners and requires no technical ability or knowledge of coding. Remember that there is still a learning curve for non-developers, and you’ll need some training before you build an app (if you need a more complex app, you might like to speak with your in-house engineers or a Microsoft Gold Partner).

Building Secure Application with Power Apps

These applications and workflows tie into the Azure Active Directory (AD) and other Microsoft security solutions, like the Common Data Services (CDS), which supplies a role-based security model. You can set permissions at the data and application levels, which means end-users only see what’s relevant to them. Apps built on CDS are also automatically GDPR-compliant.

Multi Mobile Apps Wrap

Source – Microsoft

A Design Process for Branded Android And iOS Apps

To wrap a canvas app for mobile platforms, you must first create the content for the mobile app. 

The parts that follow will show you how to achieve it:

  1. The first step in the design process for branded Android and iOS apps is to start with the primary canvas app. This process can be the app that gives your mobile consumers the first impression you want them to have when they open your app. Check whether this canvas app is part of a solution (if it isn’t, make one key and add the canvas app).
  2. Next, register your soon-to-be mobile app in the Allow it to connect to your company’s resources using the Azure interface, including Wrap in Power Apps online service.
  3. Create a Visual Studio App Center storage location for your mobile app development.
  4. From the main app, make a wrap project.
  5. Add extra canvas applications to the solution if desired for the Wrap in Power Apps projects, such as splash screens or secondary apps that complement the core functionality of the primary app. 
  6. More information is available at Creating a wrapper for many canvas applications.
  7. Icons, graphics, and color may all be used to personalize the app’s identity palettes to personalize your mobile app.
  8. Start the build process on the Visual Studio App Center storage location, which will generate custom-branded mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms (if needed). 
  9. Download these apps from App Center after they have been signed by enterprise developer keys and tested by testers on devices before releasing them publicly.


You will want to evaluate the Wrap in Power Apps if your organization depends on mobile apps for business functionality or collaboration. You will want to consider the overall user experience of the application and assess how it is suitable for your business needs. Because the application can be branded with your company’s identity and delivered to all users, there is no need to develop multiple applications for various platforms.

With so much opportunity for growth, it’s no wonder Wrap in Power Apps is getting attention from business intelligence agencies, developers, and designers. Word is spreading quickly about the benefits of PowerApps, and EPC Group can certainly attest to that. With our increasing familiarity with the system, we are even more equipped to help clients with PowerApps Consulting, to use for their organization.

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